Use Client Feedback to Grow Referral Business

Brokers use 121QA real estate client satisfaction surveys to help agents get referrals. Agents now know exactly which of their clients plan to recommend them and can concentrate their marketing efforts accordingly.

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The 121QA Survey Process – Collect Actionable Feedback Early

50% of referrals come between firm and close. That’s when clients are most satisfied and telling everyone they know about their purchase or sale. Taking the simple step of asking if they’re satisfied builds trust, makes it easy to right a wrong and paves the way to a more successful and satisfying close.


Agent Alerts and Archives – Identify Advocates Instantly

The 121QA real estate client survey software is purposely designed to help agents cultivate referrals

More than 50% of clients respond to 121QA survey requests. The system alerts agents when completed surveys are deposited in their personal archive. The agent can immediately identify which clients are most willing to recommend and develop them into referral sources using the 3 Steps to Referral process.


Client Testimonials – Spread the Word

121QA mobile satisfaction surveys collect testimonials from both desktop and mobile respondents.

80% of completed 121QA surveys contain testimonials. This rich content can be easily transferred to websites, blogs and social media. All the necessary permissions to publish are documented for each completed client survey.