Use Feedback to Double Your Referral Business

Everyone knows that referrals from your satisfied clients are the best source of quality leads. 121QA surveys identify the 3 in 10 clients who are ready to recommend when an offer is accepted [pending].

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Asking for Feedback Early Builds Trust

50% of referrals are made before deals close. That’s when clients are most satisfied and telling everyone about their purchase or sale. Using 121QA to gather early input builds trust, stimulates word of mouth and paves the way to a more trouble-free close.


Generate Better Leads and More Listings

With a strong 50%+ response rate, 121QA delivers a steady stream of qualified leads. Agents are alerted the minute a completed survey is displayed in their personal archive. They can see the client’s potential and jumpstart their marketing efforts using our exclusive 4 Steps to Referral process.


Publish Testimonials and 5 Star Reviews - Everywhere

80% of completed 121QA surveys include rich testimonials. With the push of a button 5 Star reviews can be displayed on social media, printed marketing materials and agent profiles on brokerage and team websites. Privacy permissions are fully documented.